Can my 7 year old attend?

We have had 7 year olds attend in the past but we ask that a parent/guardian sign up as a parent chaperone for the weekend.  7 years old is still very young and they need guidance in the morning and evenings.

If I am a parent volunteer can I be in my child's group?

We do not assign parents to the same group as their child.  Kids tend to do better when their parent is not in their training group.  They are more independent.   However parents do stay in or near their kid at night and have meals with them.

My child has food allergies, can they be accommodated?

We accommodate gluten free, vegetarian, and dairy free.   We are very sensitive to nut allergies and keep any snacks with nuts clearly marked and on a separate table.   If your child's gluten allergy is very severe we encourage you to send food for the weekend and/or we will have you talk to the chef/cook.

Do I need to buy a special bike?

We don't encourage you buy a new bike if your child is just a beginner.  The best thing to do is give us a call and we can figure out if the bike will work.  Most of them do!   (Definitely make sure the bike has been tuned up!)

Can my child room with his/her friend?

We do rooming by age and gender.   We do our best to ensure all the campers are in a good room situation and we try to accommodate everyone.  We cannot guarantee we can do it.   And we do not make changes at camp.

Can my child be in the training group with is friend?

We ask parents to indicate the level of experience of their child on the bike.  We then assign them to a group that is compatible both in ability and age.  It is very important that no camper is assigned to a group that is too advanced - they will be frustrated and not enjoy their experience.   We monitor each camper closely in their group and move them to different groups as needed.